Providence and Worcester Railroad Company is dedicated to maximizing shareholder value and growing the Company’s rail business. To that end, P&W prides itself on its ability to adjust and respond to new business opportunities, improve and enhance train operations to facilitate more efficient rail movements, and innovate and grow its interchange connections through strategic partnerships and targeted infrastructure investments. In addition to P&W’s many short line and regional interchange partners, P&W interchanges freight traffic, either directly or through partnerships, with Norfolk Southern Railway Company, CSX Transportation, Inc., Canadian Pacific Railway, and Canadian National Railway Company. Additionally, P&W provides freight service to the Ports of Providence and Davisville/Quonset Point in Rhode Island and the Port of New Haven in Connecticut. In 2015, P&W transported 38,564 carloads of freight. By agreement with a private operator, P&W also serves an approved customs-bonded intermodal yard in Worcester, primarily for the movement of container traffic from the Far East destined for points in New England. Several major container ship lines utilize double-stack train service through this terminal. The Company works closely with the terminal operator to develop and maintain strong relationships with steamship lines involved in international intermodal transportation. In 2015, P&W handled 17,712 intermodal containers.