About Us

Providence and Worcester Railroad Company (“P&W”) is a regional freight railroad operating in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.  P&W interchanges freight traffic with CSX Transportation, Inc. at Worcester, MA and at New Haven, CT; with Pan Am Railways, Inc. at Worcester, MA; with Pan Am Southern LLC and Norfolk Southern Railway Company at Gardner, MA; with the New England Central Railroad (“NECR”) and Canadian Pacific Railway at Willimantic, CT; with the New York and Atlantic Railroad at Fresh Pond Junction (Queens), NY; with the Connecticut Southern Railroad at Hartford, CT; with Canadian National Railway Company through a cooperative operating arrangement with the NECR over the “Great Eastern Route” at East Alburg, VT; and with the Canadian Pacific Railway through a cooperative operating agreement with the NECR and Vermont Rail Systems over the “Great Eastern Route” at Whitehall, NY.  It operates four classification yards in Worcester, MA, Cumberland, RI, and Plainfield and New Haven, CT.  The Worcester, MA and Plainfield, CT locations also house equipment maintenance facilities.

P&W transports a wide variety of commodities for its approximately 140 customers, including automobiles, construction aggregates, iron and steel products, chemicals and plastics (including ethanol), lumber, scrap metals, plastic resins, cement, limestone, construction and demolition debris, and processed foods and edible foodstuffs, such as corn syrup and vegetable oils.

By agreement with a private operator, P&W also serves an approved customs-bonded intermodal yard in Worcester, primarily for the movement of container traffic from the Far East destined for points in New England.  Several major container ship lines utilize double-stack train service through this terminal.  The Company works closely with the terminal operator to develop and maintain strong relationships with steamship lines involved in international intermodal transportation.

P&W also generates income through sales of properties, grants of easements and licenses, and leases of land and tracks.