Access Agreements

All access to Providence and Worcester Railroad Company’s right of way or other property must be pre-authorized by P&W in writing. Accessing P&W’s property without written permission is considered trespassing. If you are seeking access to P&W’s right of way or other property, please fill out the Flagging Request Form. Please include your name and contact information so that P&W may respond to your request and provide you with an Access Agreement form.

P&W currently assesses a non-refundable fee of $1,500 for each Access Agreement. This fee must be made payable to Providence and Worcester Railroad Company and must be submitted with the signed Access Agreement. The standard term for an Access Agreement is ninety (90) days, however, P&W reserves the right to accommodate longer terms, on a case by case basis, and subject to the assessment of additional fees.

Please use our online Contact Form if you would like to obtain an Access Agreement or have any questions regarding the process for obtaining an Access Agreement.

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