New Customers

P&W transports a wide variety of commodities for approximately 140 customers, including automobiles, construction aggregates, iron and steel products, chemicals and plastics (including ethanol), lumber, scrap metals, plastic resins, cement, limestone, construction and demolition debris, and processed foods and edible foodstuffs, such as corn syrup and vegetable oils. P&W can provide you with crucial information about rail access, nearby loading or storage facilities, and intermodal capabilities as well as information concerning customer shipping rates. If you are interested in moving your commodities by rail or learning more about different rail opportunities, please contact P&W’s Marketing and Sales representatives using the contact form below or, alternatively, you can contact P&W’s Director of Business Development directly at (508) 755-4000, x 321.

Existing Customers

Existing P&W customers can contact the Company to obtain information concerning a particular shipment by contacting P&W’s Customer Service Center at (508) 755-4000, x 401 or by using the contact form.